Xbox Indie Review: Zombiez 8 My Cookiez

Forget what you’ve been trained to know for the impeding zombie apocalypse. Developer Triple B Games has a different vision for the future, one where zombies aren’t seeking brains as we’ve been lead to believe, but cookies!

In Zombiez 8 My Cookiez, players take control of a matchbox-sized tank in charge of defending a plate full of cookies located at the center of the dinner table. Hordes of zombies approach with reckless abandon and one goal in mind – snatch and grab those cookies. As players begin to dismantle the undead by using either the default machine gun or shotgun style weapons, the zombies will drop alternative weapons including a flamethrower and lightning bolt power-up which turns the tank into a roaming ball of fury, capable of taking out an enemy just by touch.

I found myself having a surprisingly amount of fun with this game, despite the simplicity of it. A shoot em up is nothing new to the reviewers at the Armless Octopus, but this one had me coming back for more. Perhaps it was the “frenzy mode” which has an uncanny number of zombies storming the plate at once, or the strategies which emerged over time from playing the standard mode. I quickly discovered that my best strategy consisted of letting the zombies take all but one cookie, then defending it for as long as I could. When I felt as though it was getting away, I decimated it into three parts, and from there guarded only one part. Let me know what works best for you.

My only complaint with the game was the lack of maps. Most impulse purchases are made at the $1 mark, so at a $5 price tag, it’s a bit on the expensive side in compared to many indies and might be a hard sell. Considering the successful sales numbers of Triple B’s previous titles, I don’t doubt that they will find success with Zombiez 8 My Cookiez as well.

Those of you who love the shmup category will fall in love with this game. I found the enjoyment of this shooter, along with the zero learning curve, will allow just about anyone to hop in and enjoy this one. The steep price is the only deterrent I see at the moment which potentially could hold this title back from being a shining example of what can be on the platform.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Visit the Xbox Live Marketplace to add a free demo of Zombiez 8 My Cookiez to your Xbox 360 download queue.

Zombiez 8 My Cookiez was provided for review by Triple B games. It can be purchased for 400 MS points ($5).

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