Crosse Studio considering legal action against Zeboyd Games

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We’re in day 9 of the Great Xbox Live Indie Games Ratings Scandal of 2011, and the controversy isn’t growing any less contentious. Crosse Studio’s Carlo Sunseri is now seeking legal counsel about possible damages caused by developer Robert Boyd’s allegations that lacrosse fans have been downvoting Cthulhu Saves the World and other indie games on the “Top Rated” list. Sunseri claims the article has caused his own game to drop in ratings and sales.

“It’s simple, ever since Robert publicly accused College Lacrosse 2011 of “manipulating ratings” the game has fallen from the fifth top rated game to the eleventh. On top of that sales have dropped,” [sic] Sunseri told Armless Octopus.

The discord began when Sunseri posted a video on Crosse Studio’s Facebook page – which has more than 175,000 followers – that instructed fans on how to create a free Microsoft account and rate its game. The video never encouraged or even mentioned voting for other games, a fact that Boyd acknowledged in his article. During the weeks following the video’s posting, Cthulhu Saves the World plummeted from the 6th to 21st spot on the “Top Rated” list, and Boyd blamed the drop on fans who watched the video and rated his game 1-star without having played it.

Boyd expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation to Armless Octopus, but said that he wasn’t worried about the possibility of a lawsuit.

“Even if they can prove that what I said was not true, my articles fixed the blame on Lacrosse fans, not their game or the developers behind the game. In fact, my articles specifically said that the Lacrosse game developers were blameless,” Boyd said.

Sunseri doesn’t buy it and isn’t even convinced the ratings issue was caused by his fans at all.

“I’m not sure if adding my games title to his story made it a little more sexy or if he intended on College Lacrosse 2011 to be down rated but either way it wasn’t right to accuse my game on baseless speculation. He could have easily raised the issue of rating manipulation without accusing my newly released game,” [sic] he said.

While the two sides argue over whose fans are downvoting which games, the flaw in the ratings system remains unaddressed. The official XNA Community Twitter feed mentioned that they are “investigating a potential misuse of ratings on XBLIG titles,” but hasn’t been updated since Tuesday. A Microsoft PR representative echoed that sentiment on Thursday to Armless Octopus and said they had nothing further to report.

Developers have repeatedly expressed their frustration with the fact that anyone can rate games without playing them via Microsoft’s website, yet there is no convenient way to rate games through the Xbox Dashboard. The November Dashboard Update removed the feature for games to be rated from the Games Library, which means that one now has to trek back to the Marketplace to rate a game.

“How can you fairly rate a game if you’ve never even played it? Either having played the trial or the full version should be required to rate games. Having to play the game would also eliminate the ability to automate the process and likely be a turnoff for those manually doing it,” said developer Kris Steele of Fun Infused Games.

Eyehook Games‘ Mike Muir agreed. “I tend to agree with the idea of only including ratings from players that have actually downloaded the game.  This would make it much more difficult for a few people to exploit the system, but still keeps in line with the general idea of openness in the ratings system.”

It doesn’t sound as if this issue is going to be resolved anytime soon, so you might just want to bookmark Armless Octopus and we’ll keep you updated.

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  • Carl Van Ostrand

    Creating a video instructing fans on how to exploit the ratings system..really? How does Sunseri/Crosse Studios defend that? And they expected that to go unnoticed?

  • Zach Diemer

    He cites “lost sales” as a reason for legal action, but isn’t that exactly what happened when other games were lowered in rank?

  • Matthew Doucette

    The article should mention the trend of how newly released top rated games drop (as do sales) across the board. It happens to every game because fans of the games hear, play, and rate the games first, before the general gamers do.

  • Matthew Doucette

    Microsoft knows the answer of how many 1 star ratings are on which games and when they were given and we as developers should have access to this info so we can deduce what happened too. And I know for a fact that 1 star ratings are given out from rating systems that let me look (various gaming sites do this) at my own games.

    It appears to be the battle of the ratings which Crosse started, so to threaten legal action is unjust. In their defense, I suspect they simply don’t understand the situation. Jumping to conclusions out of emotion. They should be pushing Microsoft for a solution to this instead of inadvertantly abusing the ratings system and then crying foul when it happens back to them, inadvertantly as well.

  • Dave Voyles

    That’s a good point.

  • Dave Voyles

    I think we’re all just hoping in the end that MS comes up with some fair way for gamers to rate titles without having the ability to game the system. As it stands it is easily exploitable, and it makes you wonder why they have (keep) it like that.

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