Skull Girls to use ‘latency eliminating’ technology

Skull girls + GGPO

One of the biggest setbacks to the online functionality of fast-paced games is Internet latency. This is all the more true for fighting games, which are notorious for requiring rapid response to user control in order to pull off complex combos. In order to avoid this potentially disastrous situation in their new 2D fighter coming to XBLA, PSN and PC later this year, Autumn Games has teamed up with “Good Game, Peace Out.” GGPO is a networking technology developed by Tony Cannon, who’s also a moderator over at and Tournament Director for the Evolution championship Series.

Cannon knows his fighting games, and his tech will hopefully bring the lag-free experience of couch co-op to the online play of Skull Girls. GGPO has yet to be christened on XBLA or PSN by a fighting game; however, it has was used in Capcom’s Final Fight: Double Impact, and it’s been the backbone of emulated PC fighting games for years.

Being released later this year, Skull Girls already has some hefty competition in the fast-paced fighter scene, with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV well established. But at a lower price tag as a downloadable game, along with some latency-eliminating tech, it could very easily compete on the same playing field. Based on my brief experience with Skull Girls from PAX East, I’d say that it’s a contender.

Source: Reverge Labs

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