IGDA announces its 2011 events & activities

Considering that a large percentage of our readership consists of individuals looking to get their start within the gaming industry or those currently making their mark within the industry, we believe it’s necessary to highlight one of the industry’s brightest organizations for connecting like-minded individuals. The International Game Developers Association is a non-profit organization, and serves our community of game developers. Their goal is to bring together developers at conferences, in local chapters and in special interest groups to improve both the process and life of a developer. Membership is comprised of  industry amateurs and veterans from high level studio executives, top-tier publishers, all the way down to indie developers, and students. Don’t be intimidated though – it’s open to everyone.

The IGDA makes their mark at nearly every major industry event each year, and things are looking just as well at the moment. Here are a few of the upcoming highlights:

E3 – June – Los Angeles, USA
· IGDA Party
· IGDA Executive Lunch for Publishers and Developers

GDC Europe – August – Cologne, Germany
· Professional and Student Mixer
· VIP Lunch

PAX Prime – August – Seattle, USA
· Professional and Student Mixer

GDC Online – October – Austin, USA
· Professional and Student Mixer

For those of you looking to meet up with other IGDA members in your local area – fear not; there are chapters dedicated to major cities throughout the world. I mean if Hyderabad has one, I’m sure you can find a chapter in your area as well. Individuals interested in finding a way to connect with others in a similar field are in luck as well; Special Interest Groups cover a variety of disciplines within game development. They cover a breadth of topics, including ARGs, Game Design, Level Design, Production, Women, Students, and Writing.

You don’t need to be rich to be a member either – they range from $25 – $50, and $600 for a lifetime membership. Studios have the opportunity to collectively join as well. If you ever plan on attending the Game Developers Conference, you might as well sign up as it removes $75 from the cost of the show.  As many indie developer well know, health insurance for yourself or your  family is commonly an issue too. Aside from the gaming connections, IGDA memberships offers other perks as well, including access to discounted healthcare to most US members.

If you’re a developer and already a member, let us know about your experience with the IGDA, we’d love to hear!

Source: Igda.org

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