Notch considering holding a Minecraft convention in Las Vegas

The venerable Markus Persson, perhaps better known by his online monikor Notch, asked the question this morning via Twitter, “MinecraftCon 2011 in Vegas? Would you come?” He followed that up with a link to his personal blog which contained a post stating “We’re thinking about how to celebrate reaching the release on 2011/11/11. There’s also a significant lack of a MinecraftCon this year. Perhaps we can combine them?”

All of Mojang studio would be present, and they are considering pushing the final release of the title live before an audience. Also in consideration would be costume contests, speed building, Q&A sessions, and parties.

Considering that over 2 million people have already purchased Minecraft and it’s still in beta, Mojang would certainly have a community to work with. Notch is currently guestimating that the approximate cost would be around $90, but declares “It’s a bit hard to guess how many people would be interested in something like this.”

Gamers have the opportunity to respond directly by voting on the poll at the bottom of the post asking “Would you pay 90 dollars for a MinecraftCon 2011 in Las Vegas? (hotel room and travel cost not included).” As of 9:45am (EST), 7,286 people have voted “No,” 3,728 have voted “Yes,” and 5,254 say “Maybe.”

Why not take a gander and put your two cents in. While you’re at it, why not tell us if it’s something you’d like to do?

Source: Notch

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