Soulcaster creator reveals Escape Goat

If you want to know why Ian Stocker hasn’t started work on Soulcaster III yet, he has a scape goat for that—an Escape Goat, to be precise.

The game is Stocker’s third project under the MagicalTimeBean imprint, and it features a 2D Metroidvania style where you play as — you guessed it — a goat. While it’s still in the prototype phase, Stocker has revealed some additional details about the Xbox Live Indie Game, including prototype videos and screenshots.

As a goat, the player must navigate a maze of single-screen rooms and complete physics and platform-based puzzles that can be solved in different orders.

As of the second prototype, the goat’s method of vanquishing enemies is primarily defensive. The goat can activate various switches or send out little mice to entice enemies to attack structures that often cause them to die in various ways. The goat can also send out mice and teleport to any point they reach. Stocker said it’s still to be determined what other attacks and maneuvers the goat might have.

Stocker plans to have a playable beta by the end of the month and said the final game will include an easy-to-use level editor.

Continue below if you want to see some screens of the still-in-development indie.


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