Armless Octocast Episode 54: Pack Your Bags Octocast

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Dave’s out and Dylan’s in (sometimes), so Mike, Erron and Taylor have to hold down the fort. Everyone’s been playing their share of indie’s so stay tuned to get the latest on what’s going on in the indie scene. We’ll also fill you in on what’s coming to Windows Phone 7.

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Hosts: Mike Wall, Taylor Bliss, Dylan Martin, Erron Kelly

Music: Paul Weinstein – Chipocrite

Twitter: @TaylorBliss@Skrattybones@MikeJWall, @DylanLJMartin

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Ska Studios developing a WP7 game

Soulcaster dev reveals Escape Goat

Decay coming to Mac, PC, Xperia Play; WP7 later

MTG Duels of the Planeswalker 2012 to include deck editing

Banger of the week: Why Did I Buy This?

“It’s you versus the telemarketer. The only way to win is to lose.
What Everyone’s been playing:

Taylor – LA Noire

Mike – Portal 2, Avatar Legends

Erron – SPAZ, Frozen Synapse

Dylan – Miasma, ‘Splosion Man, LA Noire

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