Fuelcell Games shares details about Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet DLC

one of the game's gorgeous bosses

In a pre-PAX meeting with Joe Olson and ‘Scrapper’ of Fuelcell Games, the indie devs spilled some of the beans to Armless Octopus about the upcoming DLC for its beautiful adventure, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. The expansion is going to take what the game did with the Lantern Run multiplayer and expand on it, significantly. Olson said the DLC will arrive “before Gears of War 3,” which is a twisted way of saying we’ll have our hands on it sometime in September.

Following the elimination of the shadow plague from the infected planet, you and your alien compatriots are going on the offensive to find and eliminate the dark threat. The dark plague has taken refuge in a belt of asteroids located near the planet, and in the DLC, you and up to three other shadow-fighting compatriots will take to the belt to find and drive back your mysterious adversary.

Every excursion will be unique, and the game will draw a new map every time you play. The environment is populated with enemies, health spots and recharge stations by a set formula, which is determined by the same engine that draws the map. “Recharge stations?” you may ask. “You mean those save points from the main game?” Not quite. This time around, you’ll be packing serious heat in the form of a bomb that is meant to be dragged deep into the heart of the asteroid and detonated. The problem is that the bomb has a fuse and these stations are the only thing will refresh the timer to allow you to dig deep enough to blow up the whole asteroid.

The maps will all feature choke points that signal imminent boss battles, which will also appear in a random order. There’s no word on how many new bosses will be added in the DLC, but expect plenty of new experiences.

When it comes down to it, the mode will be a battle of efficiency: minimizing time spent on bosses and maximizing speed through the twisting corridors in an effort to get as deep into the asteroids as quickly as possible. The developers said the levels will take about 15 minutes on average, which is the perfect bite-sized duration for a grab-and-go multiplayer experience. Pricing is still in the works and will be determined sometime in the next couple of weeks. Expect the latest information from Armless Octopus as we get closer to release.

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