Windows 8 may not support XNA framework

It’s no secret that we’re fans of XNA here at Armless Octopus. Considering nearly every title we cover is made from the framework, including every XBLIG game, as well as a some XBLA and PC titles, we’ve grown quite fond of it over the years.

Sadly, the latest version of Windows, simply dubbed Windows 8, may not offer a home for our beloved XNA. This news comes to us from XNA MVP Chris Williams, who was informed by John Lam, a member of the Technical Computing Group at Microsoft.

What does this mean for XNA and XBLIGs? Will this be the last stop for the framework as more and more titles are beginning to use languages such as HTML5 for web content and Direct X for gaming related content? We won’t know for sure until more details are released, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we find out. Bear in mind though, that Windows 8 is still in alpha, so all terms are still subject to change.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for a comment and will have additional content as it arrives.

Source: Chris Williams (Twitter)
Via: Thrifty Nerd

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Posted on by Dave Voyles in News, PC, PC News, xblig, XBLIG News

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Dave is located in Philadelphia, and works as a Tech Evangelist at Microsoft. He's coordinated the Indie Games Uprisings on Xbox Live, wrote the UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook, Made an XBLIG game, and is currently doing JS / HTML5 dev for browser base games. You can follow him on Twitter, at @DaveVoyles

  • Anonymous

    Guys, just dont panic :-)

  • Anonymous

    Guys, just dont panic :-)

  • Angus Cheng

    I was a bit worried about this too when watching BUILD and not hearing any mention of XNA. However I do feel that XNA will be supported for Metro apps.

  • Stephen Dunn

    It wouldn’t be surprising if M$ dropped XNA it’s not making them the money but how can it when they barely invest any time and money into it. If you want to sell games on the service then why do they hide them from clients and make it so hard for them to find what they are looking for?

  • Taylor Bliss

    Well that’s the thing, Stephen. Microsoft doesn’t really invest (in the grand scheme of things) that much into XNA. They get 100 bucks for every person who buys a developers pass, plus a cut from every game sold. Even with the comparatively low sales numbers, it’s a good chunk of change the company pulls in. Without much overhead, there’s really no reason, not to support it

  • Anonymous

    They get 100 bucks **per year** for every person who buys in… otherwise your games get pulled. And they only pay devs quarterly, and then only if you sold enough for them to bother, which means they potentially pull in a lot more.

    It still isn’t big money but a fair number of the games are pretty good — more than most people realize.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t doubt that the make some money from the service, but I don’t know if the are breaking even from it just yet. Then again, this is me purely speculating. You need to staff a team of XNA developers to continue to update the language and tools, as well as market the platform(Dream.Build.Play) and host it on their servers.