Armless Octocast Episode 86: What comes before 87

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Both Erron and Dave have to take a break this week, so Mike and Taylor do their best to keep the podcast train rolling. Ian Stocker of Magical Time Bean joins them for a bit to talk about his Soulcaster series, Escape Goat and what’s coming next.

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Hosts: Taylor Bliss, Mike Wall
Special Guest: Ian Stocker
Music: Paul Weinstein – Chipocrite
What Everyone’s Been Playing:

Taylor – Dust Force
Mike – Block Zombies! Skyrim, 3DeadZed

Posted on by Taylor Bliss in Podcast
  • Carl Van Ostrand

    Soulcaster on PC sounds very tasty.

  • Alan

    I didn’t realise Ian Stocker’s pedigree was so mighty.

  • Anonymous

    He is what we refer to as “a jack of all trades.”