God of War 8-bit Demake Waging War on PCs for Free

Kratos sure is one angry dude, but that’s a bit understandable considering he’s forced to walk around wearing the ashes of his self-slaughtered family lodged in his epidermis. But what happens when the pugnacious Greek warrior is reduced to a handful of colored pixels? Holmade Games has answered that question with their 8-bit demake of the God of War series, Bit of War, which is now available for the low price of zero drachmas on PC.

The project has been in the works in one form or another for more than 5 years. “It’s taken us far too long to get here. But this year we made a New Year’s resolution to put everything else aside and give it the love it deserved and complete it.. and here it is! It was ultimately our fans’ support of our other games that allowed us to take this liberty, and for that we are eternally grateful to them,” said Adam Holmes, CEO of Holmade Games.

Oh, and that question about the 8-bit Kratos? He’s adorable.

Source: Holmade Games

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