Awesomenauts publisher filing for insolvency, game’s fate unknown [Update: It’s Here!]

Update: It seems that they have sorted out this mess, and both will launch on XBLA and PSN as expected.

Ronimo Games was all set to launch Awesomenauts on the Playstation Network tomorrow, May 1, and free of charge for Playstation Plus subscribers. There’s one small hitch, though. Their publisher has filed for insolvency.

Publisher dtp Entertainment’s filing leaves Ronimo’s game in an uncertain place. It appears that nobody knows if the game is still coming out or not, even the developer.

“At the moment we’re unsure what this means for [Awesomenauts],” Ronimo’s Jasper Koning told IGN.

News on whether the game will be coming out as planned won’t take that long to surface, since we’ll know tomorrow whether or not it will meet with a delay whether there’s an announcement or not.

Source: IGN

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  • Alan Charlesworth

    Well, it looks like Awesomenauts surmounted this obstacle. The demo is downloading as we speak. 

  • DaveVoyles

    Yup you’er right, we should have updated this. They managed to get both games on PSN and XBLA right on time. Thanks for notifying us, I’ll update it now.