Doom & Destiny Update Adds New Monsters, Sidequests, and Raises Level Cap

Nearly a year after its debut during the Summer Uprising, Doom & Destiny has received a new update that delivers a ton of new content. Version 1.3 introduces an entirely new adventure where you have to rescue 7 lost dwarfs, as well as 5 new super dungeons, more than 20 new powers, and a level cap increase. You can check out the full list of improvements below, which we’ve shamlessly copy-pasted from their official website.

  • an entire new adventure! 7 dwarfs are lost around the whole world and need your help to return home! find them all!
  • the ship! the ship! the ship!
  • 5 new super dungeons;
  • more than 20 new powers!
  • a complete new set of weapons, armors and utilities sold in various new shops and secret locations;
  • 3 new sidequests for hardcore players;
  • new secrets!!!
  • new hilarious graves!
  • tons of new monster and challenges;
  • level cap increased from a lame 40 to a legendary 60!
  • game performance improved;
  • less misspellings (maybe)
  • bugs fix!

Source: Official Website

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