Octo-Question: If You Could Only Play One Game, for life, What would it Be?

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This Week’s Question: If you had to play ONLY ONE game for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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  1. Yes, it can be an MMO or Online Multiplayer game, but it will NEVER be updated. If your game features local multiplayer, you can assume that there WILL be other people to play with.
  2. It cannot be a series. It must be one SKU and that is all.
  3. DLC is not included in the package.
  4. “Game of the Year” editions are not eligible.


Mike WallNHL 12

My gut answer to this question was be Mass Effect 2 since it’s the best game of all time and I might as well be stuck with a classic. But since I’ve already beaten it 3 times and heard just about every piece of dialogue, it doesn’t quite have the legs to be the game I’m playing for the rest of eternity. That brought me to Skyrim; although I sank almost 100 hours into that beast, I still didn’t even scratch the surface of the world or the character options. But I burnt out pretty hard after binging on that for a few months, and while that may be my own fault, I don’t think I’d want to be stuck in Skyrim ’til the end of my days.

But hockey, now there is something that never gets old. So for my desert island-ish scenario, I’d like to be stuck with NHL 12. Hockey seems to translate to video games better than any other sport, and EA’s latest outings have been fantastic games that tow the line between simluation and arcade. My friends and I have spent a disgusting amount of time creating fake versions of ourselves and piling up points and gaudy hardware over several seasons of play, and even though the game changes so little from year to year, we just keep coming back for more. While it stinks that there are no updates available, at least I can just create new players to mimic the offseason changes and adjust the rosters as needed. Or just pack the Flyers with me and my All Star friends. That works too.

Dave (pretty boy) Voyles – Final Fantasy VII

This is a funny question because I frequently find myself going over this in my own head several times each year, and after 15 years I return to the same answer: Final Fantasy VII.

Not only was this game groundbreaking at the time of its launch, whether for then unprecedented 3-disc release, the 30+ hour campaign, or the emotional twist at the end of the first disc, but it still holds up surprisingly well. The visuals are nothing to write home about, as the simple polygon models don’t hold up against the test of time, but the beautifully painted backgrounds look as wonderful as ever.

My feelings are reaffirmed with Square-Eenix ‘s recent announcement of a re-issue of the game on the PC, albeit with minimal changes. I would have loved to see an updated version with lush visuals and perhaps some additional content, but I suppose that will have to wait. Nobuo Uematu’s engaging soundtrack rises to the occasion and forces player to feel a sense of triumph upon defeating yet another iteration of the boss Jenova, or weep with sorrow after the loss of a beloved character.

I’ve invested well over 200 hours into this title alone, and I could easily pour equally as much time all over again. This is the most engrossed I’ve ever been within any story throughout any medium. Perhaps it can be attributed to that point in one’s childhood where they absorb everything they hear and see, or maybe it had something to do with the state of gaming at the moment. Regardless, each time I hear that soundtrack or take a glance at a screenshot I am instantly taken back to a benevolent point in my life where I wanted nothing more other than to learn move of these characters, their motives, and the dystopian world they were a part of.

While it may not convert gamers who aren’t already JRPG fans, those of us who already are have come to appreciate all that Final Fantasy VII had to offer long ago and understand that it still holds a magical place in our hearts today.

Daniel Campbell – Super Smash Brothers Brawl

This was a tough one for me. I immediately thought of Rune Factory, Little King’s Story, Suikoden 2 or Fallout 3. All are great games in their own right and I’ve squeezed an amazing amount of enjoyment out of all of them. But there is one game I’ve managed to play for (literally) hundreds of hours and I still love it.  Ultimately I’ve decided on Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

I’ve been in a lot of gaming communities over my career but Smashers are largely the friendliest group of them all. Maybe it’s the cartoonish presentation of the game itself, but I’ve found Smash Brothers players to be much happier over all. They always seem willing to help out new players, cultivate a friendly atmosphere and play for the love of the game rather than just winning.

I could write volumes on why I love the game. I could talk about meteor cancels, “teching”, spikes and the horrors of tripping, but I’ll spare you the dissertation and focus on why I picked Brawl over Melee. There’s no arguing (at least in my mind) that if you want to decide who’s the best Smash Brothers player, you’ve got to boot up Melee. It has a ton of meta game tricks and play styles that separate the men from the boys in competitive play. Brawl has more characters, smoother animations, more variety in levels, more game modes and Assist Trophies. Who doesn’t love Assist Trophies?! Brawl may not have the same late game techniques as Melee, but I honestly think it’s just more fun. *SHFFLs Away*

Anthony Swinnich – Halo: Combat Evolved

This is one of the most difficult non-Jeopardy questions I’ve ever had to answer, but after much internal deliberation I landed on Halo: Combat Evolved. You can take the sequels — hell, other first person shooters in general — and fire them into the sun for all I care. In the end, Halo is the only girl for me.

The single player campaign is challenging enough on Legendary to provide an engaging experience every time I would sit down to play. The large-scale levels offer plenty of tactical options in case I wanted to get creative in how I tried to tackle the Covenant — melee-only play through? If it’s the only game I have left certainly it’s worth a try.

While I love the single player mode, it’s the multiplayer options that would keep me coming back. No shooter feels as properly balanced and tuned as this, three-shot pistol kills be damned. Besides, that takes a ton of skill to pull off regardless. The map design is flawless at its best and intriguing at its worst. Plenty of options exist in case deathmatch gets boring as well. I’ve always wanted to play Rally on Boarding Action –something tells me this is the onlyway I’d get people to agree to do so.

The truth is, my friends and I still come back to Halo a couple of times a year for system-link multiplayer hijinks. It’s not just a piece of nostalgia for us — it’s still the best multiplayer FPS we’ve ever played, and I would proudly play it in the face of oblivion.

Taylor Bliss – Halo 3

I think I’ll have to side with Anthony. I have sunk more hours into other than Halo 3, and I gladly put more in. Halo Reach was a bit of a de-evolution with the way the matchmaking was organized so I’d have to stick with Halo 3. I’ll play that team SWAT all day long.



What would be your “One Game To Rule Them All”? Comment = win.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.robert.campbell Daniel Robert Campbell

    I didn’t realize so many of my co-writers were such “bros”. lol

  • http://twitter.com/HangOnGetReady Anthony Swinnich

    I play enough small/indie games these days that I’m almost ashamed of my pick. Almost.

  • http://www.armlessoctopus.com/ Mike Wall

    you picked Smash Brothers…. The only thing more frat boy would be if you said Goldeneye or Madden.

  • http://twitter.com/HangOnGetReady Anthony Swinnich

    Boom — roasted!

  • DaveVoyles

    Why is this even a conversation? I think the clear winner is FInal Fantasy VII. And now that they are re-releasing it, a new generation of gamers will be exposed to it!

  • http://twitter.com/DanielRCampbell Daniel Campbell

    I make no excuses for Smash. But at least I don’t have ten year old kids yelling racist slurs at me while I’m playing Multiplayer. 😉

  • http://twitter.com/DanielRCampbell Daniel Campbell

    Yeah, they’ll be exposed to blocky character models, pre-rendered backgrounds and convoluted story.

    PS: I actually love FF7, I just love ‘bust’n chops’ more.

  • gatechgrad

    I agree. I would take sprite based graphics over blocky models any day. What made FF7 worse was it had three different sets of models for each character. An extremely low poly count model for towns and overworld, a slightly more detailed model for the battle screen, and another high definition model for cut-scenes. However, sometimes they used the low poly model for some cut-scenes, which I guess was a cost savings decision.

  • EdgarAlan

    I was going to go with Tetris, since I’ve been playing it for over 20 years and still get hooked on it for short periods of time. However, I think that the falling blocks and catchy music would slowly turn me insane if it were the only game I played.
    So instead I have to go with Anthony’s pick of Halo: Combat Evolved. The solo campaign on Legendary is fantastic, with different enemy mixes and weapon combos making me adjust my playing style upon entering any new area or room. My brother and I play through the Co-op campaign any time we meet for more than a few hours, even though we’re well into the double figures on completion by now. And the competitive multiplayer is beautifully balanced and varied enough to keep me well on my toes.
    Regardless of how many times I’ve played it, Halo still gives me that feeling of excitement every time I boot it up.

  • Machaira

    This may be going around the rules, but I would go with Neverwinter Nights, since the editing tools were built in to the game, not as an add-on download. I assume the “never be updated” caveat applies to developer updates, not player updates. 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/srslyyou Nicholas Bourassa

    Ms. Pac-Man

  • DaveVoyles

    Loved that game. I love all of those D&D style games, despite the slow gameplay.

  • http://twitter.com/Keven081 Keven Aubin

    Easily Football Manager 2012.
    Usually the game I spend most time with in a year.
    I’d love so much a return in the Eastside Sockey Manager series…
    As for NHL 2012, it would get too easy at one point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.robert.campbell Daniel Robert Campbell

    I actually have no interest in Football, but I love management and sim games. Is your enjoyment predicated on having an enjoyment of Football? Or do you think someone who’s not big on sports could enjoy it too?

  • http://twitter.com/BallerIndustry Angus Cheng

    StarCraft Brood Wars! That game is legendary. I have been playing it since it’s release. Halo games? NHL 12? Yeah right. You wouldn’t be able to play that for over a year.

  • DaveVoyles

    I loved Brood War. I could still play that today. The medics added so much to gameplay, in terms of the Terrans

  • http://www.facebook.com/gtoal Graham Toal

    Tailgunner. On the original vector arcade hardware. Been playing it since ’79 and still not bored 🙂