GunCraft puts a new spin on last man standing with latest survival mode update

Despite still being a beta title, developer Exato Games hasn’t slowed down the flurry of updates on their upcoming voxel based shooter Guncraft.

This latest update, which hit Kickstarter backers last night, includes survival mode, where your sole goal is to be the last voxel-person standing. Constantly rising lava isn’t the only thing you’ll be facing off against, as you’ll also have to avoid adversaries who want to see you pull a T-1000 at the end of Terminator 2. Kills won’t yield any rewards other than seeing your opponent pushed backwards and being frozen in place for ten seconds.

Water wings won’t help you swim in this situation

Should you find yourself atop a lone structure, fret not, because your trusty hookshot is more than capable of allowing you two swing from building to building. Just don’t expect to do so with the grace of Peter Parker. Class-based gameplay and specializations also add a bit of diversity to your tool-belt and will allow for some interesting strategies.

Developer John Getty illustrated one such strategy in our conversation yesterday:

“An offensive strategy might include the LMG or Shotgun, with the blockbuster, drill, and carpenter construction bonus and demolitionist combat bonus. That way you get infinite rockets to blow consistent chunks out of your enemies fortifications, while the LMG or shotgun work well in close combat with the enemy. Once you freeze them, drill holes underneath them and bury them underground or lower them to the levels below, so they potentially get stuck and die in the lava.”

Guncraft is in open beta at the moment, and is currently available for preorder at $10. 


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  • Brittany Holmes

    It’s nice to see a gun game with a comparatively non-violent mode… it might just make me pick it up based on that mode idea alone.

  • Erk

    There is also a mode called Siege, (though it was pulled recently for optimization) that gives you a period of time to build fortifications without any enemy resistance. After that time you can use cannons/turrets/catapults to destroy the enemies structures. First one to destroy all of the enemies structures wins.

  • DaveVoyles

    It’s nice to see developers put some variety into their games. Despite the “gun” in the title, it seems to be more beneficial to you in this scenario to actually turtle up, and then be as agile as possible, by bouncing from building to building.