Armless Octocast Episode 109: The Bane of our existence

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This week is all about a proper education:

All of the hootinanny about Kickstarter finally gets sorted out for once, as Michael Neel of GameMarx drops a knowledge bomb on all of us with a plethora of detailed figures behind what works and what doesn’t on kickstarter. DigitalDNAGames, the most prolific developer on XBLIG also leaves his two cents behind on Gamesutra in an article which outlines common myths about the XBLIG marketplace.

Finally, it seems that things about to get extra funky (in the 90’s sense of the word) as everyone’s shipwrecked aliens ToeJam and Earl make their way back towards Earth in a recent announcement that they are hitting XBLA soon.

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  • Winners Revealed for Atari’s Pong® Indie Developer Challenge
  • Upcoming ToeJam and Earl Port Will Be Bringing Back the 90’s Funk to XBLA
  • Kickstarter stats you can use
  • Myths about XBLIG development
  • Divekick Game Gets Publisher
  • Shoot 1UP coming to Windows phone  August 22

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Dave is located in Philadelphia, and works as a Tech Evangelist at Microsoft. He's coordinated the Indie Games Uprisings on Xbox Live, wrote the UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook, Made an XBLIG game, and is currently doing JS / HTML5 dev for browser base games. You can follow him on Twitter, at @DaveVoyles

  • EdgarAlan

    The MP3 Direct Download link doesn’t seem to be working. Any chance of you guys having a look at it? I need my Octocast fix 😉