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In this new, recurring column, we explore some of the most relevant  indie gaming news. Some interesting Kickstarters may be thrown in the mix, along with development tools that our favorite devs are using. Let us know your thoughts, and if this is the kind of thing you’ like to see more of!


Voxel based hybrid, Dysis, promises space exploration from a variety of perspectives

Part RTS, part FPS, One Dimension Games’ Dysis has eclipsed its Kickstarter funding goal of $5,000 in just five days. In its recent stint from obscurity, voxel based games have become common in the industry after lying dormant for over a decade, although gamers seem to be growing weary from the sudden influx of titles making use of the technology.

Dysis promises something new, with its hybrid gameplay approach. Gamers can build and maneuver their army from an isometric perspective, or should they want to get their hands dirty, switch into a first person view for a closer taste of the action. Rather than do all of the dirty work yourself, you can build machines such as a drill that  mines the depths of the ancient alien super structure  orbiting the sun you’ve crash landed on.

This one man project promises not only a multitude of environments, ranging from lush greens to volcanic infused ashland, but also a built in API for gamers to share their creations. Stretch goals include the ability to duke it out across space stations, as well as traveling to foreign asteroids and planets.

Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux

Developer: One Dimension Games

Support for indie devs is assured in a new “Indie of the Month” program

Let’s be real for a moment: You like playing indie games, and indie developers enjoy making them. One of the biggest issues along the way is making sure these great games get noticed and receive the support they deserve.

That’s where Gree’s “Indie of the Month” program comes into play. Starting next month, and continuing for each month from there on, Gree will offer PR, Quality Assurance, and post-launch support for one lucky team of independent developers looking to release on Android, iOS, and Gree’s PC platform.

The program is currently accepting submissions until January 2013, and pending  its success, plans for continuing the program are in place. Considering that this is free, you’re probably wondering what Gree gets out of it. Well a standard revenue share (generally 30% on most major platforms), of course.

You can pay them a visit here to check it out for yourself.

Platforms:  iOS, Android, PC

Publisher: Gree



 Derrick the Deathfin’s distinct art style is anything but familiar

 With the influx of games hitting the various digital marketplaces in recent years, its more important than ever to stand out from the rest. Developer Different Tuna recognized this, and sought a distinct art style for this week’s PSN release Derrick the Deathfin. As players take control of an orphaned shark hell bent on wiping out machinery  polluting his habitat, memories of Sega’s Ecco the Dolphin will come to mind in this arcade-style game. Speed is key, as a gauge representing your hunger quickly decreases and can only be satisfied by dining on succulent sea life.

The process for crafting the characters and environments was arduous, to say the least.  Hand sketched drawings were then turned into paper models, which were later photographed from top to bottom before the pictures were crafted into 3D models. In the end, roughly 40 characters and 100 objects were carefully constructed, thereby fabricating the game’s entire world.

Developer: Different Tuna

Platforms: PSN

Source: The Verge

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