Terraria coming to consoles with host of upgrades

There’s no arguing with the success of 2D crafting title Terraria — as of September 2012 they moved over 1.6 million units on the PC. The game is on its way to Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, but it won’t get there without a slew of improvements.

A new trailer was released, which lays out what sort of changes will be made to make the console version. New controls were promised, as the keyboard and mouse layout on the original version won’t work here. Those with HD televisions will be able to play in split-screen with up to four players, and there’s an eight-player online mode as well. There will be new armor, weapons, pets and enemies — even a unique final boss, which you can find using the new world map function. The soundtrack will also be getting a bit fatter with some added tracks.

We haven’t found a release date yet, but Terraria taught us that if we keep digging we’ll eventually uncover one. The official stance right now is that it’s “coming soon”.

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