PAX East 2013 Indie Showcase revealed


Seven games have been selected for the Indie Showcase at PAX East 2013. And aside from being on this list, these games have something else notable in common: They’re all for mobile platforms.

The official PAX website has descriptions and screens for each of the showcased projects. Here’s the full list.

PAX East 2013 Indie Showcase titles

  • Little Chomp by ClutchPlay Games (iOS/Android)
  • Major Magnet by Pagodawest (iOS/Android)
  • Orion’s Forge by Trinket Studios (iOS/Android)
  • Saturday Morning RPG by Mighty Rabbit Studios (iOS)
  • Spaceteam by Sleeping Beast Games (iOS)
  • Time Surfer by Kumobious (iOS)
  • Third Eye Crime by Moonshot Games (iPad)
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