Armless Octopus Video Review: Arcadecraft

Let’s take a moment and pretend that it’s the 1980′s and arcades aren’t just a relic of a lost generation. Now, imagine you’re in charge of one such arcade. Sound like fun? You’ll just have to watch the video review and find out if the XBLIG title “Arcadecraft” is a thriller, or just a broken heart of glass.

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Posted on by Daniel Campbell in Reviews, XBLIG Reviews
  • Anthony Swinnich

    Great review Dan. You basically said everything about this game I wanted to in the review I never actually wrote.

  • Daniel Robert Campbell

    Thanks! :-) The game was pretty good for the most part but had some noticeably rough edges.

  • Mike Wall

    Besides the travelling salesmen, do you have full control over what games you’re buying? Are some more expensive? DO they have like individual stats?

  • Daniel Robert Campbell

    You do have full control over which machines you buy, but new ones are being unlocked nearly every month. There are not many to start off with but the selection fleshes out pretty quick. Some machines get retired too so you won’t be able to buy them any more after they reach a certain age.

    They have genres and descriptions but not really much in the way of stats other than the ones you control (difficulty, price, popularity).