Cave Story developer unveils Gero Blaster, landing in May

To say that Cave Story was an indie smash-success would be an understatement — its humble freeware roots betray its modern-day platform ubiquity and if you haven’t played it yet, well, you haven’t really lived. Of course the indie gaming world takes note, then, when its developer reveals a new game. Behold: Gero Blaster.

Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya’s newest title is headed to the iPhone, retaining the retro aesthetic that helped put the one-man team on the map. It bears a few other similarities to its predecessor as well, such as variable weaponry, an emphasis on running and gunning, and large-scale bosses.

The game is set for a May 2013 release on the iPhone, though no pricing details have yet been revealed. Also, it appears that a Nintendo 3DS version may already be in the works as well.

Source: Indiestatik, Indie Games

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