Capy and Double Fine moving in together at PAX East

If you were going to have two developers shack up in one booth at a gaming convention, you’d be hard pressed to find a better pair than Capybara Games and Double Fine if you’re hoping for hijinks. We’re thinking it’s going to be one of the most fun spots on the entire show floor. Oh, they’re both showing off some games, and from what we hear, a couple of other products as well.

Double Fine’s newest game, Dropchord will be playable on the show floor. It will be Armless Octopus’ first opportunity to test out the Leapmotion controller, and we’re pretty excited to see what Tim Schafer’s creative studio can come up with using it. They’ll also be showing off Brütal Legend on the PC as well.

On the flip side, Capybara will be putting a new build of Super TIME Force into the hands of the public. The game is slated for a 2013 release… hopefully a more specific date is revealed at the show. If not, we’ll be sure to dig for one.

These two teams are collaborating on more than just the booth, however. They will have a special PAX shirt available for purchase, commemorating their time together. Also, a physical box of their upcoming collaborative Steam bundle will also be on hand, awaiting purchase.

We’ll be sure to bring you all the details from the show floor when we attend PAX East this weekend.

Source: Capy’s website

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