Former Sega Rally, MotorStorm, and McRae developer turns to to the skies with Chopper Mike

Some people just have a desire for speed, especially in high-performance vehicles. Coming from a world known for its quick speeds, from racing rally cross cars to high-speed ATVs, a developer on franchises covering those vehicles has decided instead to take to the skies and slow down the pace a bit in his first solo adventure, Chopper Mike.

One-man development team Jamie Lowes of VAMflax set out to create a simple-yet-charming game where players maneuver a helicopter through ever-changing environments while collecting gems. If the trailer above is any indication of the difficulty, things seem to heat up fast. We’re curious to see how precise players are with a touch-screen device as well.

This chopper takes off for the price point of $1.99 on Thursday March 21 on Android and iOS, but will also land on the PC, Mac, and Ouya in the near future. You can pay developer VAMflax a visit at his site here. 

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