FEZ becomes a spreadsheet, set to debut on PC

We’re not sure when Polytron got into the business of developing spreadsheets but the word on the street is their game FEZ is coming to PC. Kidding aside, the word on the street is accurate. It’s coming to Steam and it’s happening on May 1.

Polytron’s Phil Fish conducted an AMA on Reddit in order to respond to the news, and a few interesting facts were revealed. First, Polytron is in talks with Sony to release the game on the Vita, though Fish did not feel that talks have progressed to the point that he should reveal any details. He also stated that he wanted to release the game on pretty much any platform people would play it on, though he curiously singled out one system he felt would not be a good fit for the game.

“We don’t have any plans for that, no,” Fish said in regard to a 3DS release. “People keep assuming FEZ would be a no-brainer on 3DS, but in truth it would be kind of pointless. The game is practically always shown in isometric 3D, there’s never any perspective there. I don’t think it would work.”

A Mac version will follow the PC release at some point, and a Linux version is also an idea the developer is exploring.

Posted on by Anthony Swinnich in News, PC, PC News, PSN News