GDC 2013: Night of the Rabbit creeps out from the shadows and into our dreams

Night of the Rabbit 2
As a child our imagination is free to run wild, allowing us to dream of becoming anything we desire, escape our current environment, and unite with a cast of characters unlike any in our physical world. That is precisely the underlying theme in Daedalic’s upcoming point-and-click adventure game, Night of the Rabbit, which stars a 12-year-old boy seeking solace in his dreams, where he wishes to become a wizard.

The rich and engrossing stories of The Chronicles of Narnia and Alice in Wonderland are borrowed from heavily, as the environments and many of the anthropomorphic characters illustrate immediately. Traveling alongside the boy is a clever and charming rabbit who whisked him into this wondrous world, although his true intentions are never made explicitly clear, leading the player to believe he may yet have a trick or two up his cotton-tailed sleeve.

Night of the Rabbit1

Screenshots don’t do the title justice: My time with it during GDC had my eyes agape as lovely fauna particles breezed across the environment during dawn, when the many environments seemed to be most active. Building on this, the day and night cycle will trigger various events to occur throughout the course of the story. A benevolent mouse, anxious to be included in a party, is caught practicing his dance moves outside of the local even hot spot when the sun is shining, but pass the time to discover him exhausted at dinner, due to his excessive dancing earlier.

Night of the Rabbit may not bring anything drastically different to the table, but the visuals and charming characters attained my attention, and I’m eagerly awaiting May 29, when you can fulfill this majestic journey on your own, through services such as Good Old Games and Steam.

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