GDC 2013: Deponia wishes you the best, final chapter in the adventure trilogy coming in November

Goodbye Deponia 2
The brash, self-involved yet lovable protagonist has been a sought after character troupe in modern stories since Han Solo took control of the Millenium Falcon across the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. German developer Daedalic has managed to grab lightning in a bottle and seems to have found what made that archetype so popular oh so long ago with Rufus, the main character featured in their adventure game trilogy Deponia.In the game’s current state, Rufus, who has long sought to escape this wretched planet, had a fate encounter with the beautiful Goal, an Elysian from the city floating in the skies above who fell from grace. Since their initial meeting in the first game they’ve come across a plethora of sarcastic and charismatic characters on this junk filled planet; a relic of a time long gone by.

Goodbye Deponia 1
Along their journey to return her to proper place, the duo connects with Toni, Rufus’ ex who wishes nothing more than an ill fate upon the protagonist, in addition to a robotic sidekick whom the duo manages to continuously walk all over in this comedy of errors.

The beautiful and charming hand drawn visuals will instantly grab your attention, and are reminiscent of children’s books you may have read as a child, marked by the world’s vibrant use of color despite it’s garbage infested environment. The character animations aren’t as pristine, the facial animations in particular, but I found myself soon forgetting that nonetheless, as the engaging dialogue with the cast consumed me.


Goodbye Deponia cover art

Daedalic promises to make this their most personal tale yet, as told by this point-and-click adventure. The previous two chapters were well received, hovering around a 76 on Metacritic in a world where first-person shooters and established franchises reign king. We’ll just have to wait until November to see what fate lies in store for these two.

The well-received franchise will depart for its final journey in October, although the two prequels have been available since November of last year on services such as Steam, GoG, and for both Mac and Windows.

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