The new Moebius trailer is weird…but then again, so was Gabriel Knight

So we just watched the trailer for Moebius, the first game directed by Jane Jensen since Gabriel Knight 3, and there is just one thing that stands about above all else: Did he just say his name was Malachi Rectum?

He said Rector? Really? Okay, well Rector is an antiques export who is approached by a secret organization called F.I.S.T….

Wait, are you sure it’s Rector? For realsies? Okay, well he’s tasked with investigating the death of a politician’s wife, and that’s where you take over with lots of pointing and clicking and puzzle solving. Oh, and apparently it co-stars Sub Zero as everyone’s favorite photographer.

Moebius is being developed by Pinkteron Road coming to PC, Mac, iPad and Linux. A public demo will be available in June, and an alpha build is currently playable for those who donated to it’s massively successful Kickstarter last year.

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