Armless Octopus Plays Organ Trail

Mike Wall and Alex Esten get their tentacles on Organ Trail, the new zombie-themed Oregon Trail parody available for PC and iPad.

Posted on by Mike Wall in PC, PC Reviews

About Mike Wall

Mike grew up and lives near Philadelphia and has been intrigued with games ever since his parents preached that they rotted his brain. He studied journalism at Penn State and got his master's degree in secondary education before realizing that not even summers off would make that job palatable. He now works in marketing and is trying to find time to continue writing a book about zombies, aliens, vampires, the end of the world, and a talking cat.

  • Jay Knobler

    I think we all would have had come to same conclusion to put alex down given the situation.

  • DaveVoyles

    I would have made the same decision. Sometimes we just need to end their suffering.