Kickstart This! Chasm

Kickstarter has revolutionized the way indie games are financed, but with hundreds of games begging for your precious shillings, we’re highlighting the most promising games whose very development may hinge upon you opening up your pocketbook. 

We at Armless Octopus are firm believers that there can never be too many Metroidvania games with retro pixelated graphics, and if you share a similar mindset, you might want to throw some money at Chasm. Discord Games, who previously released Take Arms on Xbox Live Indie Games as part of the second Uprising, is looking to spice up its adventure with the procedurally generated dungeons and loot drops of Diablo.

The game is already looking pretty impressive, and you can even download a playable demo.

Discord Games is looking for $150,000, but they’re already more than halfway to their goal and the Kickstarter doesn’t expire until May 12.

So what kind of sweet loot can you nab for your pledges? Fifteen bucks nets you a copy of the game when it’s released for Windows, Mac, and Linux, plus an exclusive sword. Twenty-five bucks gets you two copies of the game, early access to the beta and a digital copy of the soundtrack. If you’ve got a cool grand to spend, you can become an NPC in the game. For a mere five G’s, your NPC will sit on a golden throne and have multiple lines of customizable dialogue.

Click here to check out their Kickstarter.

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