Retro mash-up A.N.N.E. gets a new trailer and Kickstarter

The retro mash-up, A.N.N.E., was one of the biggest surprises on the PAX East show floor, and now developer Gamesbymo has released a new trailer for their Metroidvania-shooter-RPG hybrid. The trailer shows off most of what was playable at PAX East, but also includes our first look at the ship-based combat that was absent from that build.

Gamesbybo has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund development. They’re looking for $70,000 to finish up the project on PC, but stretch goals could bring it to Mac, Linux, PSN, Vita, Ouya and WiiU.

Backers will be rewarded with a digital copy of the game for $10, an SNES box and cartridge for $75 or an adorable figurine for $250. Those with an extra five grand to toss around can look forward to a home cooked meal with Mo himself, along with the opportunity to play the game and suggest changes.

You can view all of the details over on the Kickstarter page, and make sure you check our our preview of the game from PAX East.

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