Kickstart This! Rex Rocket

I do not care for the term Metroidvania as a genre, let us call them exploration platformers or something to that effect. Naming a genre by mashing together names of the games in the category is akin to calling every first person shooter a “Doom of Duty”. However despite the terminology that irks me, I absolutely adore this type of game and I am always excited to see a new one spring up with Rex Rocket by Rob Maher and Tyler Bud being no exception.

I originally picked up on Rex Rocket over at the Pixel Art section of Reddit, where artist Rob Maher was showcasing a small set of eye catching WIP shots of his pixel art. This eventually led to a trailer fully selling me on the concept featuring some neat looking combat tricks, stunning lighting effects, and one of my favorites wall jumping! To add to the package the duo brought on the talented chiptune artist Saskrotch to pull together a fitting soundtrack and from the sounds of the trailer it’s going to be excellent.

If you get an excited feeling inside thinking about metroi…exploration platformers move your eyes over to the Kickstarter page for the game and float them a vote over on Steam Greenlight.

Posted on by Wayne Kubiak in News, PC News