Invterview with Candy Box creator, Aniwey

The depths of Candy Box.

The depths of Candy Box.

In all my excitement from finishing Candy Box, I emailed the creator to get a few interview questions answered. It turns out he’s just a nice guy learning to program in France! Check it out. (All answers are copy & paste, so be kind.)

I see you mostly identify just as “aniwey.” Does this hold special meaning for you?
This is just the pseudo I chose, but I like it ! It’s from the english word “anyway”, I like how it’s pronounced 🙂

What was your goal behind making Candy Box?
I think my only goal was to make a game people would like to play to 🙂

After releasing the game, did you find its reception surprising?
I found it really surprising ! It’s the first game I release to the public and I didn’t expect so much people would play to it, that’s great !

Have you received any interesting fan emails?
My favourite fan email was from a guy which said he found a bug, and attached a photo of a real bug (the insect) in the email.

Have any developers approached you about joining their teams?
I received some propositions, yes. But I really don’t have enough time at the moment, so I’ll wait for the sequel release to think about that 🙂

How long did it take you to develop the game?
It took me two months on my free time !

Do you want to become a professional game developer, or do you plan on keeping it as a hobby?
I’d love to become a professional game developer !

Are all the typos in the game purposeful? (For example, “developper.”)
No, they’re not pruposeful. English isn’t my native language, that’s why I make a lot of typos. I should correct them, but I really lack time :/

What are your favorite video games?
I think my two favourite video games are Tales of Symphonia (on NGC) and Majora’s Mask (on N64) !

Is there a video game you’re really looking forward to? Why?
Yes, I’m looking forward to Starbound ! It should be released this year and I’ve pre-ordered it already !

If you could give all the Candy Box! players one message, what would you say?
I would tell them : wait for the sequel it’s going to be huge !! 😉

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