Pre-order Electronic Super Joy, jump into beta access today

Make no mistake about it: Electronic Super Joy will wipe the floor with you. That said, if you’re looking forward to this game or the trailer above appeals to you in any way, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s a platformer that taxes your skills heavily, but don’t take my word for it. Pre-orders now come with access to a beta version of the game, allowing you to put your abilities to the test.

If you still need a little convincing, however, I can officially say after having spent time with the beta that this is a platformer with some serious chops. The game starts out simply enough as the levels autoscroll from left-to-right, but new wrinkles are added in at a pretty constant pace that help shake things up. Before you know it you’ll be slamming down to kill enemies, jumping through portals to circumvent dead ends and avoiding missiles that track your every move.

The audio-visual aspects of the game are striking as well. The thumping EDM soundtrack by EnV is a welcome companion and perfect foil to the frustration you may face in a particularly challenging spot. There are some cool strobe effects produced through clever graphical layering as well, though those who can’t handle that sort of thing may want to steer clear from this one entirely as it gets pretty intense at times.

Putting $5 on a pre-order today will save you 35 percent off of the normal $8 the game will cost when it officially launches. Release is currently scheduled for an unspecified point between September and December of this year on PC, Mac, Linux and iPad.

Posted on by Anthony Swinnich in Mobile News, News, PC News