The Greenlight SuperShow aims to put more indies in the Limelight

The Greenlight Supershow

Let us say you have no plans for this weekend and are looking forward to a slew of new indie games looking to get into your hands via Steam Greenlight. Then say there was a livestream called The Greenlight SuperShow going on that day going on showcasing a pile of indie games with “tons of gameplay, special guests, Q&A’s, game giveaways, sneak peaks, cake*, and possibly even rap battles!” Now imagine this is a real 13+ hour livestream hosted by Alix of Robot Loves Kitty (Legend of Dungeon) whom already has a greenlit game and wishes to share the love to other developers.

Well it is real and it is coming to us this upcoming Saturday, June 29th at 10:30am and will bring us showcases of over 25 games including Tower of Guns, Syder Arcade, McDroid, Ray’s the Dead, Paranautical Activity, Forced, Castaway Paradise, Rollers of the Realm, Retrobooster, BroForce, Dukes and Dirigibles, Girls Like Robots, and more. If you wish to join in on the fun stop by The Greenlight SuperShow page for a full game listing and schedule or just swing by the RobotLovesKitty channel anytime on Saturday.

Posted on by Wayne Kubiak in News, PC News