Silent Enemy: Minority Media’s Next Game about a Major Issue

Silent Enemy - The Spirits


Minority Media presented gamers with serious subject matter in Papo & Yo, which focused on Vander Caballero’s childhood living with an alcoholic father. However, they’re not done telling personal stories through gaming. Silent Enemy is their next announced game, though it is still rather early in development, and the subject this time around will be bullying.

Silent Enemy - The CrowsIn Silent Enemy, the player controls a character in snowy land of north Quebec, an as-of-yet untouched environment in gaming which is home to the Cree native Americans. The winter is never-ending, and the goal is to bring back the spring to rejuvenate the land. Although the player character will be able to gain experience and use spiritual powers of nature to achieve goals, your progress will be impeded by crows, the bullies, who cannot be confronted head on through physical force. Silent Enemy is not a game about becoming more and more powerful.

Personally, I’m really excited to see what they will do with the what is such a hot topic in media today, particularly in the video game world where harassment runs rampant in forums, on voice chat, and on the Internet as a whole. Also, the perspective will be from two different members of the Minority Media team: Ruben Farrus, who grew up in Spain, and Ernest Webb, who grew up on a Cree reservation. Papo & Yo, despite its flaws, touched many players around the world, and I have no doubt that the team can pull it off again. For now, we know it is being developed for mobile platforms and PC, but not much else.

You can watch the teaser trailer below and get an idea of just how rampant bullying is.

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