Electronic Super Joy beta now available through Steam, is a must-buy


If you’re a fan of platformers, there’s no reason to skip out on Electronic Super Joy. The full game isn’t available yet, but the beta release is now available on Steam. It’s already a pretty polished product that offers a ton of variety, so if you’ve been looking to hop from ledge to ledge while avoiding missiles, or you’ve been looking to crash the Pope’s spaceship, look no further. This game has you covered.

Developer Michael Todd has absolutely nailed the controls. Movement is tight and crisp, while the jump arc a pretty natural feel. This is one of the most important elements in a platformer, as it provides the spine that supports the rest of the game’s parts. Luckily those are put together expertly as well. The game gradually introduces the elements as you go through the levels. The first thing you learn is the fact that you can press B to attack with a downward stomp, smashing your feet into enemies. Stage-based elements begin to make their presence known as well. Bouncing up on arrows and traveling through portals make for some creative level challenges and require you to nail each leap, lest you touch the left side of the screen ever-scrolling toward you. Homing missiles are eventually introduced, though they can be defeated with your attack. It starts to feel like nothing can stop you.

Then, the game changes things up, and it takes your attack away. When it’s replaced with a double-jump, you begin to feel vulnerable. Missiles suddenly become deadly. Enemies must be avoided at all costs. Things get a little more tense. It lets up a bit when gravity is reduced and you’re jumping slowly upward. Never let it be said that Electronic Super Joy does the same thing for too long.

Eventually you come in contact with the Pope. Yes, the holy leader of the Catholic Church. Don’t question it, there’s no sense to be made. Especially not when he climbs into his spaceship and starts screaming insults at you. The boss battle that follows is a fun distraction and nice change of pace from the levels that come before it. I never wanted to hit the Pope, but I never knew I’d be OK with doing so, either. Thanks, Michael Todd!

You can pick up Electronic Super Joy on Windows, Mac or Linux for $4.99 right now through Steam. The only people I’d say that should avoid this game are those that can’t handle flashing screens, as they’re abundant here. Otherwise, this is an absolute must buy.

Posted on by Anthony Swinnich in News, PC News