Former Burnout dev creates a bit of a crash with his own new title, Truck Stop


For some time now, I’ve had pent up anger and have been eagerly seeking an outlet for this rage (not really). Fortunately, one developer, Projector Games has provided an outlet for this misguided vexation in the form Truck Stop

Their previous titles included Steam Heroes on XBLIG, Bitstream, and FortressCraft, the voxel-based sandbox game which would go on to become one of the highest grossing titles on the platform.

Projector Games is taking a unique approach towards selling this title: A single level is available on IndieCity  for $5 right now, and for ever 1,000 copies of the title sold, additional content will be released. ‘”Hopefully the ‘Groupon’ effect will help, with people getting their friends to buy the game, so that we have the motivation and reason to add in more and more content for a long time to come,” studio head Adam Sawkins stated.

So if you enjoy destroying cities from the cab of an 18-wheeler, then perhaps you’ll be obliged to visit the developer’s Greenlight page as well. At some point in the trailer I saw something about aliens attacking from Mars as well. Oh, and zombies, too.  So if for no other reason, you can at least help to keep the impending zombie infestation to a minimum.

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