Armless Octocast Episode 111

Woah woah woah…. you mean to tell me that this squid is still squirming? Holy geeze, it’s been nearly 6 months since our last podcast, but we’ve risen from the dead, and just in time for Halloween.

Gil, Dave, Wayne, and Daniel catch up, talk about what they’ve been playing, and even give their take on Valve’s new controller for the somewhat mysterious Steambox.

Grab your ear buds and hold on tight, because podcast season is about to get under way!



– Kickstarter launched for Bot Colony, infuses old school adventure with iRobot

Former Burnout Dev creates TruckStop

Games Covered:

– Rogue Legacy

– Persona 4

– Rain

– X S.E.E.D.

– Electronic Super Joy

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Hosts: Dave Voyles, Daniel Campbell, Gil Almogi, Wayne Kubiak

Music: Paul Weinstein – Chipocrite

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About Dave Voyles

Dave is located in Philadelphia, and works as a Tech Evangelist at Microsoft. He's coordinated the Indie Games Uprisings on Xbox Live, wrote the UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook, Made an XBLIG game, and is currently doing JS / HTML5 dev for browser base games. You can follow him on Twitter, at @DaveVoyles