A new challenger enters the indie-game publishing space

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Indie games and the developers behind them have have more opportunities to get their titles on a plethora of platforms than ever before. Certain problems may arise when trying to get your title out there, including negotiating business deals, royalty splits, marketing and PR, and  finally, knowing the right people to get your game onto said platforms.

Well, as of late we’ve seen the rise of indie focused publishers come to the forefront in order to handle all of these tasks for you. This week Rebel Machine hit the streets in full force to get the word out. A result of the collaboration between Evolve-PR head Tom Ohle and cinematic producer and director on Killzone 3, Khaled Ibrahimi, Rebel Machine.

Another indie publishers with recent success includes Digital Devolver, who recently published Hotline Miami, Serious Same 3: BFE, and Luftrausers.

Additionally, Nyu Media, a publisher of Dōjin games, better known as Japan’s take on independent titles, has found success in their own niche market by promoting Japanese style shooters, beat-em-ups, and fighters  Just last week they launched the Dōjin Bundle, which had titles appear on Steam and Desura.

Siliconera has a nice list and series of  trailers for many of the titles Nyu Media has slated to launch through the spring of 2014.

Rebel Machine is seeking feedback about what developers are looking for in a publisher, so if this is your kind of a thing, a survey can be found here, in addition to their intro blog post. 

Official site: rebel-machine.com

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  • http://twitter.com/BeRad_Ent Be-Rad

    Sweet, we need more awesome indie publishers like Devolver Digital. You called them Digital Devolver, btw. Fork’s gonna be pissed (not really)

  • DaveVoyles

    Hey, the more publishers in the indie space, the merrier, as far as I’m concerned!