Super Roman Conquest Kickstarter gets 3D in my 2D RTS

Side scrolling real time strategy games aren’t super common outside of the mobile gaming market, but two ex-LucasArts developers calling themselves Seacliff Interactive seek to extend the genre further into PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya territory with Super Roman Conquest. On top of this they look to expand the strategy of the genre and reducing the mundane nature of simply making tons of units to mash into each other by adding additional planes in the third dimension.

The plane system gives off some reminders of earlier SNK fighters or Guardian Heroes in concept but utilizes it to offer branching paths, choke points, and create more in depth strategies from what the video portrays. When finished, Super Roman Conquest will also offer branching story paths, unit upgrade and management, and some sort of community interaction model which they claim to “recreate the intrigue and power of the Senate in the Roman Republic.

Seacliff Interactive aims to fund further development, sound designers, improved art assets, and add extra polish through their Kickstarter than you can find here. You can also keep tabs on the progress of Super Roman Conquest development over at the website.

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Posted on by Wayne Kubiak in News, Ouya, PC, PC News