Armless Octocast Episode 112 – Taylor’s Still Alive?

Only a month between casts this time? What are we thinking?!?!

Podcast season is nigh, prepare yourself and sit down with us! This time Taylor, Gil, Daniel, and Wayne talk about their recent plays, the Playstation 4 day one update, XBOX player color coding, what system is going to win the holidays, and how the new generation of systems is going to effect the indie landscape.


– Super Roman Conquest Kickstarter gets 3D in my 2D RTS

– A new challenger enters the indie-game publishing space

Games Covered:

– Monaco

– Sonic Lost World (we got off indie games for a min)

– Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

– Nuclear Throne

– Stanley Parable

– Path of Exile

– Gone Home

– Alien Rage

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Hosts: Taylor Bliss, Daniel Campbell, Gil Almogi, Wayne Kubiak

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Posted on by Wayne Kubiak in Podcast