IOTA, 2.5D Platformer from Cashie Brothers to hit XBLIG later this year

You may have thought that XBLIG was long forgotten, based on the decreasing number of titles being released each week, but Cashie Brothers still have something to say on the platform. Their upcoming title, IOTA will be their first title on XBLIG, but if the trailer is any indication of how things are shaping up, then we’re in for treat with a game which holds distinct aesthetic on the indie channel .

Much like the color switching mechanic IKARUGA popularized nearly ten years ago, IOTA’s protagonist can absorb the power of colored orbs when it makes contact with one. That power is then used to offers the capacity for the protagonist to perform various maneuvers, including hovering briefly and dashing through obstacles.

Development team run by siblings out of Nova Scotia, Canada, Ruben and Dermot Cashie, claim that we’ll be able to give this 2-5 hour experience a go by the end of the holiday season on XBLIG, and a Windows release is to follow shortly after. Not a newcomer to the industry, before working on IOTA, Ruben had experience working on titles such as the FIFA and NBA Live franchises.

You can find out more about IOTA at the game’s home page, here.

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