Indie Dev Podcast, Episode 05 – Charles Cox, 4gency




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On the fifth episode of the Indie Dev Podcast, I interview Charles Cox of 4Gency. Follow along as he illustrates how he made the transition from working for Sierra, helped lead Microsoft’s indie push with XNA, and his tips for becoming an entrepreneur in the software industry.

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  • (with Indie CEO series about adjusting to this new life)
  • @AgentCox
  • A link to his talk at Casual Connect about the five lessons he learned in his first year at the helm of 4gency.
  • A link to his “Why I’ll Never Work on First Person Shooters Again” article, for a little philosophical background
  • Blockbuster: Hit Making, Risk-taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment – Anita Elberse


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Benjamin Briggs


All music is courtesy of Benjamin Briggs.


  • Intro / Outro: Diddy Kong Racing – Hi There! (Lobby)


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