Keep your eye on adventure with Elliot Quest

Elliot Quest from Ansimuz Games begins with with an unfortunate set of circumstances. The wife of the protagonist, Elliot, disappears. He then falls ill and, upon attempting to take his own life, discovers that he cannot perish. He is instead cursed, and is slowly becoming a demon. So, as the title entails, Elliot begins a quest to seek help from one of island’s guardians in solving his plight before the curse consumes him.

Fortunately the story is where the ill words end on this adventure RPG. Ansimuz Games, a development team ranging from all over North America, has created a smooth playing, free-roaming adventure and filled with beautiful pixel art. They have gone with the tagline of being “inspired by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link” though I feel though it downplays the excellence found in the demo, which is available over at the Elliot Quest webpage. Although I can see the inspiration from the overhead map and through the sidescrolling action, it provides its own interesting spin on combat through use of a bow and arrow. This weapon even has assignable stat upgrades as you level up. To add to the intrigue, the stages are expansive and wonderfully varied, bosses are interesting requiring some strategy to take down instead of mashing your weapon into it, and the platforming throughout the levels control superbly.

Ansimuz moves forward on the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign and toward a closed beta, meaning it won’t be long before you can get your hands on it through PC, Mac, Linux, or an Ouya. So, if you itch for more 2D adventure, follow the progress or preorder the game for $4.99 on the official website or help move toward a Steam release by giving them a vote on Steam Greenlight.

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