Armless Octopus Video Review: State of Decay

State of Decay is a game…a game about zombies…there haven’t been many of those…right? Of course the truth is, there are FAR too many zombie games on the market. The real question; is State of Decay worth the $20 or is this one twitching corpse you should avoid? Let’s watch and see!

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Posted on by Daniel Campbell in PC, PC Reviews, Reviews, XBLA, XBLA Reviews
  • DaveVoyles

    I LOVED this game when it first came out. I spent at least 20 hours playing it, and have no idea about where the time went.

    My only frustration came from the fact that I felt I was constnatly doing something wrong. I would have failed missions, but I suppose that had to do with picking and choosing what worked best for me.

    Hopefully a number of the bugs have been fixed, too.