Fish hell bent on revenge will stop at nothing to defend its tank


At Armless Octopus, we occasionally like to flex our creative muscle and step back from our writing duties, and do some game development of our own.  Two of our writers did just that in their recent XNA title, Shutshimi, as Wayne Kubiak handled the art while Anthony Swinnich took care of the jams.

In Shutshimi you play as a goldfish hellbent on destroying everything else in your tank. Similar to its real life counterparts, the protagonist only has a ten second memory, so each stage lasts for exactly that long. Your job is to blast everything in sight, as objects on screen scroll from right to left. Enemy diversity is all over the place too, as you’ll come across sharks with laser beams, submarines, and even……butts riding on surfboards.

Between stages, players are greeted with with inventory selection screen which offers three random items or traits to be applied for the next round. The descriptions for each object are humorous, but do not explicitly declare what they do. It’s kind of a crap-shoot until you figure them out for your own, though. The modifiers can do anything from reversing your controls or equipping new weapons, to adding thunderstorms to the fish tank, which add a neat lighting effect, similar to that in the NES Ninja Gaiden games.


Shutshimi may be better suited for mobile devices, with its two button control scheme, brief stages, and gameplay that allows players to quickly get in and out. For lightning fast, arcade style side scrolling experience, Shutshimi is a quick fix.

You will be able to find Shutshimi on XBLIG soon, as well as PC through Steam Greenlight. 

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