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GDC 2014: Critical thinking and analysis in game development programs

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2014-03-18 13.52.28

Game development programs are forever facing a changing landscape. Traditionally, students are provided the tools to prepare them for the AAA industry, but where do they go when they want to learn about game development as a creative form? Music and creative writing have had programs for decades, but games are still struggling to catch on in this regard. On Tuesday March 18th, at room 3020 in the West Hall, a panel of game development professionals offered their view on …

GDC 2014: Antichamber: An Overnight Success, Seven Years in the Making

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An emotional Alexander Bruce took the stage on Tuesday morning at GDC 2014, to speak during his panel titled ANTICHAMBER: An overnight success, seven years in the making. Bruce had given a similar speech in years prior, but following the release of his recent success, Antichamber, it was interesting to see how his perception of work had changed over the last year. Bruce opened with the question “What makes me different?” Drawn on his power point presentation were words such …

GDC 2014: AAA Academics: Superstar Designers in Academia

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Academia and game development are at an interesting crossroads. A new trend is emerging, with prominent industry figures making the switch to academia. While formal education programs for game development were nearly non-existent in decades past, they now exist in hundreds of schools across the country today. Four such luminaries took to the stage on Monday at GDC to discuss the trials and tribulations of their experiences with making the career move, in a room filled with educators and industry …

GDC 2014: Vlambeer talks live streaming game development

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Nuclear Throne

Vlambeer has been a bit of an anomaly in the independent gaming scene for the last several years. Run by the affable Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman out of the Netherlands, the two have consistently pushed out hit after hit for the last three years, and finally spill the beans about how they do so. In an overwhelmingly large room filled with nearly 600 individuals, the two studio heads bounced their sentences off from one another in a charismatic …

GDC 2013: Deponia wishes you the best, final chapter in the adventure trilogy coming in November

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The brash, self-involved yet lovable protagonist has been a sought after character troupe in modern stories since Han Solo took control of the Millenium Falcon across the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. German developer Daedalic has managed to grab lightning in a bottle and seems to have found what made that archetype so popular oh so long ago with Rufus, the main character featured in their adventure game trilogy Deponia.In the game’s current state, Rufus, who has long sought …

GDC 2013: Night of the Rabbit creeps out from the shadows and into our dreams

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As a child our imagination is free to run wild, allowing us to dream of becoming anything we desire, escape our current environment, and unite with a cast of characters unlike any in our physical world. That is precisely the underlying theme in Daedalic’s upcoming point-and-click adventure game, Night of the Rabbit, which stars a 12-year-old boy seeking solace in his dreams, where he wishes to become a wizard. The rich and engrossing stories of The Chronicles of Narnia and …

GDC 2013: Designing Without a Pitch – FTL Postmortem

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In a filled-to-capacity room full of developers and journalists, Matthew Davis and Justin Ma of Subset Games, creators of the Indie-darling FTL, gave a postmortem which covered their trials and tribulations during an 18-month development cycle. Designing Without a Pitch: FTL Postmortem proved to be one of the most inspiring tracks during the Indie Games Summit yet. Originally planned as a 3-month long project, FTL quickly became so much more, largely due to the wild success of their Kickstarter, which began …

GDC 2013: Navigating Live Events – From a Big Studio to a Studio of One

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  Antichamber booth, PAX Prime 2012, courtesy of Giant Bomb Day two of the Indie Game Summit at GDC 2013 placed me in the audience of a discussion called Navigating Live Events: From Big Studio to Studio of One, which was held by between Alexander Bruce, creator of Antichamber and Greg Rice of Double Fine. Covering a broad base of topics, they illustrated a list of best practices to make it as an indie and get not only your game, …

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