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Mike grew up and lives near Philadelphia and has been intrigued with games ever since his parents preached that they rotted his brain. He studied journalism at Penn State and got his master's degree in secondary education before realizing that not even summers off would make that job palatable. He now works in marketing and is trying to find time to continue writing a book about zombies, aliens, vampires, the end of the world, and a talking cat.

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Offspring Fling! Review: Chuckin’ Babies

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We here at Armless Octopus are proud of our pro-mother/pro-baby agenda. Other indie sites have balked our our goody-too shoes approach, but we generally – with exceptions, naturally – oppose eating babies, even though we all know their sweet undeveloped juices are as tasty as god’s urine. So it’s rather unsurprising that I had a natural affinity for Offspring Fling!, an adorable puzzle platformer about good old fashioned family values. Offspring Fling! uses its retro aesthetics to create a warm, …

One Million Fans Take a Stroll with The Walking Dead Episode 1

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Comic books, television, and now video games: is there any form of media that The Walking Dead can’t conquer? It’s only a matter of time before it sinks its decaying teeth into a platinum record. The Walking Dead: Episode 1 has now sold over one million copies across PC, Mac, PSN, and XBLA in just two weeks. That makes it the fastest-selling Telltale franchise yet. We doubt they’re spending too much time showering themselves in champagne since Episode 2: Starved For …

Radiangames Discounts its Entire Catalog to Celebrate JoyJoy’s Second Birthday

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Queue up the ‘Happy Birthday’ song and get ready to fork over some royalties: Radiangames JoyJoy turns two years old today. The developer is celebrating its first game’s second birthday by throwing its entire catalog of 15 games on sale across various platforms. Ballistic SE, Fireball SE, and Super Crossfire are all $.99 on iOS (normally $2.99). Inferno+, Super Crossfire, Ballistic, Slydris, and Fireball are on sale for $1.99 on PC (normally $4.99) JoyJoy, Crossfire, Inferno, Fluid, Fireball, Crossfire 2, and …

Blocks That Matter Celebrates its Birthday with a Sale

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The adorable Blocks That Matter is celebrating its one-year birthday on Xbox with a sale. Swing Swing Submarine has dropped the price of the XBLIG version of its unique 2D puzzle-platformer to 80 MS points, which is equal to one American dollar for those of you who haven’t memorized Microsoft’s arcane conversion rate. You’d better hurry over to the Marketplace if you want to score one of our favorite XBLIG’s from last year at a discount. The sale ends at …

Alien Hominid Has Been Played 20 Million Times on Newgrounds

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Still impatiently awaiting Battleblock Theater? Yeah, us too. But since the Behemoth’s four-player side-scroller won’t be released anytime soon, let’s take a minute to celebrate a milestone in the developer’s history. Alien Hominid has been played 20 million times. The game that started it all for the Behemoth just passed that milestone over on Newgrounds. Feel free to congratulate Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp at Comic-Con in San Diego, but don’t expect an answer when you nag them about getting …

DLC Quest Now Available on Mac

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Going Loud Studio’s breakout hit, DLC Quest, is now available for Mac on the App Store for $.99. The price jumps up a whopping 100% on May 14, so you better act quickly if you want to save yourself a buck. The 2D retro platformer is quite a delight, and you can check out our review of the XBLIG version here.

The Dream Machine Reaching Steam

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Update: Anders Gustafsson of Cockroach Inc. confirmed the Steam release is for Chapters 1-3. Each chapter will be $4.99, or you can order all 5 for $14.99. Chapter 4 is slated for an autumn/winter release. Steam is getting a whole lot more surreal. The Dream Machine, Cockroach Inc.’s self-described point-and-click adventure made of clay and cardboard, is headed to Valve’s gaseous service on May 11. The first three episodes of this five-episode adventure are currently available on the developer’s website. We’ve …

Latest Hell Yeah! Trailer Gets Violent

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Sega has released a new gameplay trailer for Arkedo Studio’s Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit that illustrates the sexy origin of the undead rabbit’s rage. We had a blast when we got our hands on this ultra violent Metroidvania game at PAX East, and you won’t have to wait too long to start killing monsters since the game hits XBLA, Steam, and PSN this summer.

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