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Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve figures available in new online store

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If you tire of staring longingly at that empty spot on your desk and dreaming of one day filling it with a sweet Mark of the Ninja figurine, then you’re in luck! Klei Entertainment has launched a new online store where you can purchase collectible figurines from Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve. The ninja figure stands 8″ tall, features an assortment of swappable magnetic masks, and costs $49.99. There are 12 Don’t Starve figures, which are available in …

La-Mulana 2 Kickstarter funded with 5 days to spare

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Generous backers have pledged more than $200,000 worth of their hard-earned treasure to fund the La-Mulana 2 Kickstarter with 5 days to go. The sequel to last year’s excellent retro adventure will star Lumisa Kosugi, the daughter of the original game’s treasure hunter, and developer NIGORO is planning on a December 2015 release on PC. Even though the project has already met its goal, there are plenty of stretch goals including ports for Mac and Linux. Rewards include the game, …

Today is your last day to Kickstart Rain World

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Okay, we’ll come clean: we don’t know what the heck a slugcat is either except that it’s a slug…cat. Oh, and it’s also the adorable protagonist in Rain World, a silky-smooth-looking post-apocalyptic platformer coming later this year to PC. The two-man team of Joar Jakobsson and James Primate have been working on the game for 3 years and have turned to Kickstarter to finish development and pay for licenses. The game has more than doubled its $25,000 goal, and today …

New Chasm trailer reveals all kinds of painful ways to perish

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Chasm already takes home the crown for largest amount of adjecives needed to describe it. But now, the 2D action-RPG-platformer-dugeon-crawing-Metroidvania game with procedurally-generated levels has added a new trailer to help us save some keystrokes. The trailer focuses on our hero descending into the mines, fighting supernatural monsters, and of course, an ample supply of sharp objects just waiting to impale someone. The genre mash-up will be available from Discord Games this fall on PC, Mac and Linux for $15. …

Charlie Murder Review: Bloody Murder

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Charlie Murder dares to ask “Why just shoot or stab a zombie when you can rip its arms off and use them to slap other zombies in the face?” Well played, Charlie Murder. Well played. Castle Crashers and Scott Pilgrim proved there is still an audience for the quarter-munching brawlers of the 90s, but those games exist in a world of innocent, prancing unicorns that piss rainbows with kaleidoscopic landscapes straight from a Saturday morning cartoon. Charlie Murder rips the …

Wyv and Keep exploring PCs and XBLIG on June 14, beta available now

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A Jolly Corpse has revealed a release date for their long-in-development puzzle-platformer, Wyv and Keep. The co-op treasure-hunting game is coming to Desura (for Windows, Mac and Linux) on June 14 for $9.99 (or two licenses for $15). If you’re feeling impatient, you can nab the beta version right now, and it will automatically update to the full release on June 14. An Xbox Live Indie Games version will be available on or around June 14 (depending on the peer …

The Swapper brings creepy claymation to Steam on May 30

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After four years of development, Facepalm Games’ eerie clone-creating game, The Swapper, is arriving on Steam on May 30. You can witness the game’s unique clay-based stop-motion visuals in the new trailer, or check out our preview from PAX East.

Monaco can be yours this Friday on XBLA

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After a last-minute snafu delayed its XBLA release 2 weeks ago, Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine has a brand new release date. Pocketwatch Games stomped on all the bugs, and the game is set to be released this Friday. The 4-player heist game has been highly anticipated since stealing the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2010 GDC Independent Games Festival. It’s also available on Steam. Source: Pocketwatch Games