Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve figures available in new online store

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If you tire of staring longingly at that empty spot on your desk and dreaming of one day filling it with a sweet Mark of the Ninja figurine, then you’re in luck! Klei Entertainment has launched a new online store where you can purchase collectible figurines from Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve.

The ninja figure stands 8″ tall, features an assortment of swappable magnetic masks, and costs $49.99. There are 12 Don’t Starve figures, which are available in random boxes. Each box contains the figure along with a main accessory and a second random random one. A single box is $12.99; a 3-pack is $32.99; an 8-pack is $94.99 and a retail display box with 16 figures is $184.99.

The figures were designed in collaboration with Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy, LTD, who worked with Klei to design the Don’t Starve plushie last year.

The figures are the only items on the digital shelves for now, but Klei is aiming to stock them with more goodies throughout the year.

Source: Klei Store

La-Mulana 2 Kickstarter funded with 5 days to spare

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Generous backers have pledged more than $200,000 worth of their hard-earned treasure to fund the La-Mulana 2 Kickstarter with 5 days to go.

The sequel to last year’s excellent retro adventure will star Lumisa Kosugi, the daughter of the original game’s treasure hunter, and developer NIGORO is planning on a December 2015 release on PC.

Even though the project has already met its goal, there are plenty of stretch goals including ports for Mac and Linux. Rewards include the game, T-shirt, a digital copy of the game, and figurines. Visit their Kickstarter page for more info or read our review of the original to whet your appetite.

Update: A playable demo is now available. You can check it out on Playism’s page.

Today is your last day to Kickstart Rain World

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Okay, we’ll come clean: we don’t know what the heck a slugcat is either except that it’s a slug…cat. Oh, and it’s also the adorable protagonist in Rain World, a silky-smooth-looking post-apocalyptic platformer coming later this year to PC.

The two-man team of Joar Jakobsson and James Primate have been working on the game for 3 years and have turned to Kickstarter to finish development and pay for licenses. The game has more than doubled its $25,000 goal, and today (Thursday) is your final chance to throw some shekels at them and claim your rewards, such as a digital copy of the game, soundtrack, chance to design a creature in the game, plushie, and more. The duo has released a new trailer of footage, which we’ve conveniently embedded for your viewing pleasure. You can view their Kickstarter here.

New Chasm trailer reveals all kinds of painful ways to perish

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Chasm already takes home the crown for largest amount of adjecives needed to describe it. But now, the 2D action-RPG-platformer-dugeon-crawing-Metroidvania game with procedurally-generated levels has added a new trailer to help us save some keystrokes.

The trailer focuses on our hero descending into the mines, fighting supernatural monsters, and of course, an ample supply of sharp objects just waiting to impale someone. The genre mash-up will be available from Discord Games this fall on PC, Mac and Linux for $15. You may remember it from its successful Kickstarter campaign which raised more than $190,000.

Troubadour Kickstarter hopes to give life to an interactive graphic novel

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The digitally connected life is something that many currently identify with. We are in a world of ever increasing devices and platforms that make it easier and easier to remain distracted by technology. It makes one wonder about the effects that has or will have on us if we continue to become even more rooted in those systems at the current rate.

This is the theme that a trio of developers is trying to explore with a new game they are trying to Kickstart, Troubadour. Development is being spearheaded by Eric Doty, who will be the lead developer and coder; assisted by Zak Alexander for art and Dallas Stoeckel forging the sound. The “game” is considered to be more of an experience by its would-be creators, described as a “Interactive graphic novel infused with experimental music” on the Kickstarter page.

The minimum asking price if you want to receive the game for your Kickstarter contribution is $10, but of course there are more expensive options if you’re so inclined. Currently, the game is planned to be about a 30-minute affair, which may turn some folks off. Though with brief hard-hitters like Gone Home making waves with short but sweet experiences, hopefully this will be able to find a home with similar fans.

With 18 days until the Kickstarter is closed, Troubadour is currently at about $8,200 of it’s $15,000 goal. You should really check out the Kickstarter for the game’s sample images and sound. It’s got a pretty good hook.

Fish hell bent on revenge will stop at nothing to defend its tank

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At Armless Octopus, we occasionally like to flex our creative muscle and step back from our writing duties, and do some game development of our own.  Two of our writers did just that in their recent XNA title, Shutshimi, as Wayne Kubiak handled the art while Anthony Swinnich took care of the jams.

In Shutshimi you play as a goldfish hellbent on destroying everything else in your tank. Similar to its real life counterparts, the protagonist only has a ten second memory, so each stage lasts for exactly that long. Your job is to blast everything in sight, as objects on screen scroll from right to left. Enemy diversity is all over the place too, as you’ll come across sharks with laser beams, submarines, and even……butts riding on surfboards.

Read more

Logic Artists working on Clandestine, an asymmetrical espionage game

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The people who brought us last year’s surprise gem, Expeditions: Conquistador, are at it again, but this time, they are working on something entirely different. Clandestine, a game about international espionage in the post-Cold War 90s is a departure from the turn-based strategy RPG genre. Here, players are given the opportunity of playing alone as the spy, but if you venture into co-op, one of you can play as Mission Control. Right now, all we have is a trailer and some screens, so it’s unclear what each player is capable of, but my interest is definitely piqued. Stealth is one of my favorite genres, and this is one of the few instances where I’m extremely intrigued by the co-op.

Stay tuned to Logic Artist’s website and the Clandestine site to find out more as it is revealed. In the meantime, enjoy the media and the official announcement.

Super Roman Conquest Kickstarter gets 3D in my 2D RTS

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Side scrolling real time strategy games aren’t super common outside of the mobile gaming market, but two ex-LucasArts developers calling themselves Seacliff Interactive seek to extend the genre further into PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya territory with Super Roman Conquest. On top of this they look to expand the strategy of the genre and reducing the mundane nature of simply making tons of units to mash into each other by adding additional planes in the third dimension.

The plane system gives off some reminders of earlier SNK fighters or Guardian Heroes in concept but utilizes it to offer branching paths, choke points, and create more in depth strategies from what the video portrays. When finished, Super Roman Conquest will also offer branching story paths, unit upgrade and management, and some sort of community interaction model which they claim to “recreate the intrigue and power of the Senate in the Roman Republic.

Seacliff Interactive aims to fund further development, sound designers, improved art assets, and add extra polish through their Kickstarter than you can find here. You can also keep tabs on the progress of Super Roman Conquest development over at the website.

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